Love Is On The Air Wrap-Up

A festive crowd of more than 100 people came out on Friday, February 12 to hear Durham love stories at “Love is on the Air.” If you missed it, you can check out photos from the event here and listen to stories from our partnership with Audio Under the Stars here.

A few lucky lovebirds won prizes from the “Romance Raffle” A very special thanks to our special valentines for making the raffle possible: 21C Museum HotelCarolina TheaterNinth Street FlowersMonutsSam’s Quik ShopLetters Bookshop, and the Cupcake Bar. The Museum raised nearly $500 from the raffle, which will support the Story Room and other MoDH programs.

Raffle winner 10005961_1310228339003598_7167035003548179723_o 12716139_1310228465670252_7463198006656974038_o 12697402_1310228305670268_1861473565141414729_o

Thanks also to Durhamites who shared their own love story with us on Friday. Here are a few “Love Notes” from the evening:

We are high school sweethearts. Our first date was the movie “Love Story.”  Kathy and David

Met at a college medical school party. Have been married for 43 years. Ruth and Victor

My best friend introduced us. She and my future husband had dated, broken-up, and remained friends and she thought we’d be great together. She was right! Heather and Alex

She knocked on my front door looking for my roommate. I answered. Game over…Or not: here we are, almost 20 years later, still having fun. Little did I know I would find my roommate. Joel and Kristen

We met at a local librarian’s meeting in Washington D. C. at the Iranian Embassy. Floyd and Peggy

We met on and it was love at first sight. All my friends have met someone online now—all still together! Anonymous

We knew each other for 22 years. My daughter and his youngest were BFFs since 4 years old. His wife was one of my best friends. He was a friend and mentor to my son. I never did like him! 22 years later we got married and 5 years later he is the best thing that has happened to be. P.S.S. I am a Liberal. He is a Republican.  Grace and Rob

12710848_1310226719003760_1691262809074950986_o 12697422_1310226602337105_3930037913179218347_o Floyd and Peggy 12710922_1310226922337073_8330400627822040524_o

Me and Austin met on a community date site for a group we called Roosterteeth. They were advertising for those who were single. We hit it off and have skyped to keep in contact. Today is our first day meeting each other in person. A.B. and J.P.

We met on the train in Germany between Frankfert and Heidelberg. We are still chugging along 44 years later. Heidrua and Bill

We met at his prom in Rio de Janeiro. That time we lived far from each other, but still in the same state. Now, 8 years after, we still have the same issue; I live in Brazil and he’s living in Durham. However, this year we’re together for Valentine’s Day. Lais and Leo

We met in freshman year. I didn’t like her at all. But after realizing we way too much in common to ignore, I came to. We’ve been together ever since. It’s been six fabulous years. Iyanu and Tolu

We met in college, he broke my heart then I broke his but we always knew we were going to end up together from day 1. We’re just both stubborn. Natalia and Jonathan

We were set up by my friend’s mom. She said, “Ryan’s really cute and nerdy enough for Amelia!” He played coy for several months—I thought we were just friends. I realized that might not be the case after a beautiful afternoon at the Eno and his offer to make me a wine rack…and then we made out (It was pretty cool!) Ryan and Amelia

Accounts differ on when and where we first met. (But it was definitely the Skylight Exchange NOT Mediterranean Deli!)  Katie and Perry

We met in college in 1973, in the dorm. Grew up, got married, moved
away, had children, and reconnected on the Internet in 1996, before everyone was doing it! Now married 16 years! Living in Durham and loving it!! 
Sue and Brand


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