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Bobby Ross’ Durham Story

Susan Cranford Ross’ interview with her father-in-law Bobby Ross is featured in the MoDH 2014 Holiday card. You can read their story below.  This is Susan Ross and I’m here with Bobby Ross; we’re going to talk about his memories of the tobacco business… Tell me how the sales went. Read More

Art Walk History Hunt!

1. The History Hunt is a game happening during Art Walk 2014, in collaboration with the Durham Arts Council and the Museum of Durham History (located at the History Hub, 500 W. Main Street). 2. Clues will be available at the History Hub, DAC information booths, and online starting at… Read More

Got an idea? Make an exhibit!

Have you ever thought the MoDH should cover a certain topic in the History Hub? Consider doing the research yourself and curating an exhibit in the “Our Bull City” area at the History Hub! The “Our Bull City” area is available for individuals or groups from the Durham community who are passionate about… Read More

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