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The Woman Who Made Snow

Dates: December 15, 2017 – April 20, 2018

One of the finest Art Deco buildings in North Carolina, the Snow Building of West Main Street, Durham had its distinctive beginning in 1930 at the hands of a woman. Mrs. Anna Exum Snow commissioned the building in the 1920s, a mere few years after women in North Carolina were given the right to vote. This sweeping social change was just the beginning of Durham’s transformation, and the iconic Snow Building became a stalwart witness to this city’s evolution.

This exhibition will feature two segments: At the Museum, the exhibition will help us to understand Anna’s independent spirit during a time when women had no official voice.  At the Snow Building, the exhibition Through the Eyes of the Snow Building will take us through the Herald-Sun archives to witness events within reach of the Snow Building over time.  Tours of the Snow Building will be available.

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Supporting Sponsors: Andy Widmark/Mark Properties & Mrs. Mary Cherry in memory of Mr. Willie Cherry.


Durham Beginnings | 1865-1885 

Dates: Ongoing

An exhibit featuring five dramatic but little-known personal stories evoking the spirit of Durham’s formative years. Learn the “coming to Durham” stories of Eliza Bennet Duke, Richard Fitzgerald, Abner Jordan, John Green, and Margaret Faucette.

Five generations of Faucette women, circa 1920 (North Carolina, Durham County Library)


Kids Area: Step onto the Porch

Dates: Ongoing

Kids are invited to “Step Onto the Porch” and learn about people from Durham’s past. A trunk of dress-up clothes will allow them to dress like their Durham hero, a train set echoes Durham’s railroad history, and coloring sheets show people and places from Durham’s past.

Kids Area: Pauli Murray, Mamie Dowd-Walker, John D. Loudermilk


Explore Durham Through Time 

Dates: Ongoing

Visitors can use a touchscreen to explore key moments in Durham’s past. A post-it note wall allows viewers to tell us what moments from Durham’s past are most important to them. They may see their feedback incorporated later with a photo and caption.

Touchscreen timeline


Look Beyond the Windows

Dates: Ongoing

Take in the museum’s almost-360-degree view of downtown and consider the changes over time. To begin, we’ll focus on the Hill Building, Arts Council (formerly City Hall and Central High School), Liggett and Myers buildings, and NC Mutual tower.

Look beyond the windows exhibit. Tobacco Warehouses, NC Mutual, Hill Building, Durham Arts Council


 Story Room 

Dates: Ongoing

Visitors can step into the Story Room to record a personal memory about Durham’s past. They can also explore memories others have shared or browse through old, local yearbooks. Stories recorded in the Story Room will be archived by the Durham County Library.