About - Mission & Values


The Museum of Durham History is a 21st-century museum that uses stories about people, places and things to foster curiosity, encourage further inquiry, and promote an understanding of diverse perspectives about the Durham community and its history. The museum is putting its mission into action through a personal approach to history that sets this museum apart: an innovative, community model that engages with history through stories—the personal memories, experiences and family lore of our shared heritage.



The following organizational values guide the Museum’s day-to-day functioning:



We believe that history is relevant to understanding Durham today.


The museum documents and shares all of Durham’s stories, particularly those that traditionally have not been made a part of the historical record.


We confront difficult issues, encourage questions, and listen and learn from each other.


We take risks and experiment; success and failure are opportunities for learning.


The museum continually works to earn the trust of its community, partners and supporters.