Visit - Visit the Story Room


What is the Story Room?

The Story Room is a recording booth at the Museum of Durham History where Durhamites can record their own memories and experiences of Durham. Stories recorded in the Story Room are archived by the museum and by the Durham County Library.

Who can donate a story to the the Story Room?

Anyone with a Durham story to share can visit the Story Room! Your Durham story can be long or short (our shortest story to date is 2 min and the longest is 98 min.) You can share a Durham story that is very recent or very old. Both are valuable to the community.

I have a friend, family member, or neighbor who has great memories of Durham. Could I interview them in the Story Room?

Yes, please! We encourage family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones to interview one another. We have seen that both the interviewer and the interviewee find the experience to be deeply rewarding. There are some really wonderful resources out there to help you prepare: Story Corps has a list of great questions and tips. We also have a list of questions available online and in the Story Room.

I would like for someone at the Museum of Durham History to interview me or someone I know.

We’d be glad to connect you with a trusted volunteer or staff member to help you record your story. It is our great pleasure to hear stories form Durhamites! However, we do invite you to consider an interview with someone you know for reasons listed in the previous question!

What happens to a story after it is recorded in the Story Room?

Stories recorded in the Story Room are saved by the Museum of Durham History, posted for listening on our Soundcloud page and archived at the Durham County Library. Together, we are building a collection of stories that will help us gain a more personal understanding of the past. We hope you will join us by donating a story!

Do I need an appointment to record in the Story Room?

No, but it certainly helps. You may stop by and record during our operating hours or email us to reserve a time slot.

How can I get more involved with the Story Room?

Join the Story Squad! The Story Squad is a volunteer group that is committed to gathering stories in the Story Room. The Museum of Durham History will provide free or discounted opportunities to hone skills in conducting oral histories. In return, we expect members of the squad to conduct interviews in the Story Room with some regularity.