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Some of Our Best from 2023

At the Museum of Durham history, we are all about stories– collecting them from visitors, community members, partners, students, and just about anyone who will take a few minutes to share. Here are a few of our favorites from 2023 and we hope you will consider sharing yours… Read More

Giving Thanks for Brad Larson

This holiday weekend, the Museum of Durham History will be giving thanks to having known and collaborated with a special person we tragically lost earlier this month, Story Habitat founder Brad Larson. If you have ever recorded a video on the Story Kiosk at an event, sat down to… Read More

The Big Apple promoting The Bull City!

The New York Times recently ran a piece in the Travel section about Durham as a cultural destination in the South. Titled 36 Hours in Durham, reporter Ingrid Williams highlighted multiple great spots around town to visit, from sight-seeing to drinks to outdoor recreation. While they… Read More

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