Learn - Durham Stories

Entrepreneur Stories
Kelly Bryant "Black Wall Street"

Kelly Bryant talks about Black Wall Street and the business leadership that made a tremendous contribution in Durham, NC.

Jim Wise "Railroad Boomtown"

Jim Wise talks about when the railroad first came to Durham, North Carolina.

Personal Narrative Stories
Susan Ross "Hillside Intergration"

Susan Ross discusses the Integration of Hillside High School in Durham, North Carolina.

Bill Bell "Dr. King's Assassination"

Mayor Bill Bell discusses his memories of when Dr. King was Assassinated in 1968.

Josh Parker on Julian Carr, Durham's Renaissance Man

Josh Parker talks about Julian Carr & how he shaped much of the history we know. Carr was indeed, "Durham's Renaissance Man.”

Pop-Up Museum Stories
Pop-up Museum - John Schelp, Ralph Rogers, Tom Merrigan

John Schelp talks about tools from Erwin Cotton Mills, Ralph Rogers shares equipment from Rogers Drug Store, and Tom Merrigan talks about his piano.

Pop-Up Museum - Milo Pyne, Tony Reevy, Christian Karkow

Milo Pyne shares materials from political campaigns of the past, Tony Reevy shared artifacts and expertise on Durham's rail road history, and Christian Karkow shares his eclectic collection of tools.

Pop-Up Museum - Bob Ashley, Curtis Booker, Sean Boone

Bob Ashley shares artifacts from the Durham Herald Sun, Curtis Booker shares his tools from his ancestors' 19th century farm, and Captain Sean Boone shares objects and stories from Durham's fire department.