Learn - 150 Faces of Durham Traveling School Exhibit


The Museum’s exhibit 150 Faces of Durham, developed in support of Durham 150 in conjunction with the City’s 2019 sesquicentennial, is coming to Durham Public School Classroom near you! This program is made possible with very generous support from The Forest at Duke and Truist Foundation.

The exhibit reflects on the contributions of a diverse group of 150 individuals, some familiar and some lesser known, painting a picture of Durham in the past and leading up to the present. Highlighting a broad range of contributions, the exhibit maps Durham’s development from a railway stop to a booming tobacco town to City of Medicine, to today’s revitalized hub of arts and innovation.

150 Faces exhibit panels are mounted on modular kiosks and installed in Durham Public School media centers for two-week residencies at middle schools and high schools throughout the system. The traveling exhibit will allow students throughout Durham to share in this immersive experience and get to know some of the most influential figures in our history.

Faces depicted on the kiosks and the captions supplied will serve as a jumping off point for more in-depth dialogue, research, reflection, and fact-verification. Through interactive group discussions, students will share meaningful conversations around these individuals and how they have shaped our history and evolution.

Thematic tags supplied identify the primary category of contribution, based on the “New Spirit of Durham” and seven stars of our flag: Arts & Culture, Commerce, Education, Preserving History, Human Resources, Medicine, and Sports & Recreation.

We are preparing to launch additional educational resources will be hosted on a robust and secure website, with password protected access for teachers and students at each host school.

ASK US how to get 150 Faces of Durham in your school.

Visit Faces of Durham at 500 W. Main Street, an exhibit which has become a destination for visitors all over the Triangle and has gained recognition by the media, local government, sponsors and our ever supportive community.