Digital Resource Scavenger Hunt: Duke University Archives

Digital resources are very important for the Museum of Durham History when it conducts research for exhibits. Over the next few weeks, the Museum will post a scavenger hunt that will guide you through some of the sources we use to help explore Durham’s history.

The Duke University Archives is the official repository for records of Duke University and the gateway to its past; it identifies and preserves administrative, fiscal, historical and legal records that have enduring value for the Duke community. The digitized collections contain historic photographs, advertisements, texts, and more from Duke’s unique library collections. The museum uses the Duke University Archives to research historic documents, locate images, and much more. This scavenger hunt will show you how to utilize the website and what types of information you can learn.

To get started, visit Under the “Limit your search” option click on the “Location” tab, then click on “North Carolina.” After the page refreshes, under the “Limit your search” option click on the “Location” tab again if it is not already open, then click on “Durham (N.C.).” Finally, under the “Limit your search” option click on the “Format” tab and click on the “more” option, and then click on “broadsides.” Scroll through the 38 broadsides.

  1. What did the league of Women Voters of N.C. claim was still a threat in North Carolina in 1964?
  2. What time and day did a Durham citizen need to register to vote in order to vote on the Nov. 2nd School referendum in 1971?
  3. What day was “Cleaning Day” in Durham?
  4. Who ran for U.S. Senator in 1900?
  5. What stores in Durham were people encouraged to not shop at because they were segregated?


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