$10K for 10 Years Challenge: Goal Achieved!

For our $10K for 10 Years Challenge during the month of June, we had a fundraising goal of $10,000 to kick off the MoDH’s upcoming 2023-2024 programming. We have been tirelessly documenting the donations as they came in over the last few weeks, and are thrilled to announce that not only did you help us reach our goal, but we surpassed it by raising…



We cannot thank our friends enough for your continued support as we near the MoDH’s 10th Anniversary. Because of fundraising like this, you make it possible for the museum to continuously roll out new and innovative programming including:

  • The Fall 2023 exhibit, Stranger Times, is an exploration of both the contemporary and the nostalgic through popular culture by using the “Upside-Down” from the Emmy-nominated Netflix series Stranger Things as an analogy for the coming of age experience during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.


  • Our 2023-2024 events schedule features a Film Series! Similar to the 2022 Dining Series, we are partnering with local venues to screen a different film each month, all of which are directly cited as inspiration for the show, Stranger Things. The first event in the series will take place in Durham Central Park on September 15th. Learn More HERE! 


  • The redevelopment of the Online Exhibits page, a project recreating past physical exhibits into digital experiences. We have added several new virtual exhibits, with many more on the way! Stay tuned as new additions become available.
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