Get to know MoDH Programming Manager Lynne Lambert!

Many of you may have already met the newest member of our team, Lynne Lambert, if you visited the museum on a weekend or came to the opening of Stranger Times. Lynne was a volunteer at the museum before she became the Programming Manager, and took some time to share the incredible story of how she came to Durham and found her way to the MoDH.



MoDH: Can you share a little about yourself and how you came to Durham?

LL: South African born, I always thought of myself as a traveler. When I was 21, I left my country to pursue a teaching career, first in Bahrain, and then in Seoul where I met my husband, who hails from North Carolina.  We came back to the States in March of 2020;  a terrible time to move, but since then we have experienced blessing upon blessing, and eventually his job led us to move to Durham in 2022.

MoDH: When did you start working at the MoDH and what made you want to get involved?

LL: I started volunteering at the Museum of Durham History in the Spring of 2023. Everyone was so warm, and welcoming; I immediately sensed that the space had a great vibe.  I’ve always been drawn to places that cultivate community because I believe that community creates meaning, so I knew that I wanted to stick around.

MoDH: What do you like most about working at the MoDH?

LL: I like how every day at the museum offers a unique experience; you never know who you’ll meet or what tasks you may need to complete!  It is always very engaging and I get to learn more and more about Durham’s fascinating journey as I go along.

MoDH: Can you share a favorite MoDH moment?

LL: I loved participating in events like the opening of Stranger Times!  It was wonderful to hear all the stories of teenagers from Jordan High School.

MoDH: What are some of your other interests and hobbies?

LL: I love everything to do with theater; I love acting, writing plays, and all aspects of producing them.  Occasionally I play the ukulele on my porch, badly.

MoDH: If you had the opportunity to meet any Durhamite past or present, who would it be and why?

LL: I would love to have met Pauli Murray because I think it must have taken immense strength of character to achieve as much as she did, whilst facing struggles such as segregation and gender identity at a time where there was almost no understanding concerning these subjects. 

MoDH: What is one unique and special story or anecdote you would like people to know about Durham history?

LL: So many to choose from but I would have to say my favorite factoid is that the curing of yellow tobacco was perfected by an enslaved person named Stephen in 1839.  All of Durham would not be here without Stephen!

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