Drawing Democracy Pop-Up Exhibit

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Join us on Friday March 15th from 6-8PM for the Drawing Democracy pop-up exhibit on the history of gerrymandering in North Carolina. This event is part of our ongoing programming for the Louis Austin and the Carolina Times. The Historians for a Better Future group will be on hand to discuss the pop-up exhibit and research on the history and contemporary state of gerrymandering in the state.

Although voting in the United States comes with the expectation that the individual vote is represented equally, throughout North Carolina’s history, voters, legislators, and the courts have raised concerns about the effects of redistricting on voting rights and representation. Drawing Democracy highlights the history of redistricting and voting rights in the North Carolina in order for North Carolinians to engage more effectively in conversations about the practices and solutions to gerrymandering.

Drawing Democracy is a project of Historians for a Better Future. HBF works to address contemporary problems by drawing on historical knowledge and critically engaging with the present. HBF uses history as a resource to help communities address societal inequities. By facilitating dialogue about the past, we work toward a better, more just future.
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