Donate Now - Museum of Durham History Sustainer Program

The Museum of Durham History is made possible by our family of donors and supporters.  Because of you and your commitment to sharing our community’s history, we have grown from a simple concept in 2008 to a leading community organization celebrating our 10-year anniversary in 2023.

Our biggest source of support is from private donors, and is what enables us to develop new exhibits and bring our programming to the community every year.  To plan for the future and become a more sustainable organization, we ask you to consider making a recurring monthly gift to the Museum.

Gifts of any amount make a huge difference to our operations and enable us to bring more of Durham’s stories to life and create events to bring the community together around our shared history. 

To show our appreciation to you, recurring gifts of any amount will receive a gift from Bright Black Candles, a family-owned business located right in Durham.