Update on Holiday Openings

To prepare for the fast-approaching holiday season, we wanted to share a few updates on when the Museum of Durham History will be closed over the next couple weeks. As a way of showing appreciation to our staff and volunteers, the Museum will be closed on the following days…

  • Friday, December 23rd
  • Saturday, December 24th
  • Sunday, December 25th
  • Saturday, December 31st
  • Sunday, January 1st

We will be open during our normal schedule of 10am-5pm from December 27th-30th, and back to regularly-scheduled programming on January 3rd. 

Take a look at all of the great gifts we have available for people who participate in our Holiday Campaign! There are plenty of ways to give to the Museum, each with a distinct prize, so make sure to donate before December 31st.

Christmas shopping, West Main Street, 12.22.62. Courtesy of OpenDurham.org

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