The Story Squad Reunites!

The Museum of Durham History’s Story Squad is looking to hit the pavement in search of oral histories to collect. It has always been part of the Museum’s mission to preserve and share the stories of everyday Durhamites, young and old.


Over a decade ago, several of us interested in oral history spent a weekend at Duke’s Documentary Studies program learning techniques for doing recorded interviews. Shortly thereafter, a few us began offering oral history interviews at the Museum of Durham History. The Story Squad was thus launched. People with local histories were audio recorded. The program rolled along, although interviewers moved, cared for people with illness, or simply burned out.

Then came the pandemic. COVID stopped interviews cold and the oral history project at the Museum stopped altogether.

I am excited to share with you that eager volunteers are ready to relaunch the Story Squad. Story Squad members are gearing up to offer well-prepared audio interviews for local people who have Durham stories to tell.

Oral history is all about making contact with people. Those of us on the squad look forward to the Museum of Durham History becoming a beacon for people in Durham to tell their stories. It will be a place folks can record their memories and personal commentaries of Durham’s historical significance through recorded interviews. We will have permission to use segments of interviews on our website and in exhibits.

Those who are interviewed will receive a copy of their interview. From personal experience, I can attest to the fact that having an audio history/stories of a loved one is one of the most treasured gifts someone can give their family/friends.

More information will be forthcoming as to how you can help us invite Durham residence to share their stories at the museum.

Juanita Johnson, Story Squad trainer


We hope you and your loved ones will consider sharing your story with us. If interested, please visit the Museum in-person or reach out to us at We cannot wait to hear from you!

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