The Big Apple promoting The Bull City!

The New York Times recently ran a piece in the Travel section about Durham as a cultural destination in the South. Titled 36 Hours in Durham, reporter Ingrid Williams highlighted multiple great spots around town to visit, from sight-seeing to drinks to outdoor recreation.

While they obviously forgot 🙂 to mention the Museum of Durham History as a must-visit, we are still very excited to see our community recognized. We thought we’d add a bit to their list, to acknowledge just a few other important organizations which add to Durham’s culture:

-Ingrid Williams recommended a visit to Bennett Place, and another historic site to check out is Historic Stagville. Not a far drive from Bennett Place, both are very significant to Durham’s pre-20th century history.

-Speaking of campus museums, we’re not sure how they missed the Museum of Life & Science! One of the best destinations for education and curiosity, it is only one of two museums in Durham County that is not art-related (guess which is the other).

-Those looking to learn more about Durham’s African American historic community should visit the Hayti Heritage Center, which has its home in the historic landmark St. Joseph’s AME Church.

-Right across the street from the Sarah P. Duke Gardens is the Satellite Park public art installation at the Duke Arts Annex. This outdoor space recycled abandoned broadcast satellites as canvases for amazing murals, and is certainly a great pairing with a walk through the Gardens.

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