Show some Hub Luv

Hi folks! I want to announce that we’re taking our new membership program online. Thanks to Google forms and PayPal you can sign up to become a member (a Hub Luver) from your computer! (Click here to get started)

Why become a Hub Luver? If you join us in the belief that fostering an understanding of Durham’s past will help to build Durham’s future, then you might consider joining. And if you want to have a place to take your family, out-of-town visitors, or neighbors who are new to the area to show them what makes Durham so special, then you might consider joining!

Our membership program is 100 percent dedicated to opening the doors to the History Hub, which will be the first museum space devoted to Durham history. You’ll receive small something in the mail as token of our appreciation, but largely we’re putting membership straight to work towards opening the doors. You’ll see the results of your contribution in the exhibits that will be on display when we give members a sneak peak before the Grand Opening.

Thanks for joining the team! You can sign up here.


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