Remembering Those of the 150 Faces That We Have Lost

Since the creation of the 150 Faces of Durham exhibit in 2019, it has been our privilege and our duty to spotlight those who have made an impact on the Bull City. As we enter 2022 and watch Faces of Durham live on as an outdoor installation with a recently rotated set of banners on display, we would be remiss if we did not recognize those members of the 150 who have passed since the exhibit’s inception.

Dr. Jack Preiss (12/20/1919-04/14/2019)

Philip Freelon (03/26/1953-07/09/2019)

Dr. Evelyn Schmidt (09/02/1925-08/15/2019)

Rev. Douglas E. Moore (1928-08/22/2019)

Wense Grabareck (05/21/1919-12/15/2019)

MaryAnn Black (10/03/1943-03/25/2020)

Rev. Charles Thomas Midyette III (11/28/1940-06/01/2020)

Albert N. Whiting (07/03/1917-06/04/2020)

Dr. Charles Johnson, Sr. (07/28/1927-12/14/2021)

Sam Jones (06/24/1933-12/30/2021)

Andre Leon Talley (10/16/1948-01/18/2022)

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