Pop-up Museum Thursday, April 18th

Please join us on Thursday April 18th at the History Hub for our second student-curated Pop-up Museum. Duke students lead by Dr. Joshua Clark Davis will be creating mini-exhibits exploring topics from Durham’s past. The exhibits will be on display starting at 5:30pm and going until 7pm.

This Pop-Up Museum is the third in a series of events designed to invite the community in to the process of creating a history museum in the Durham. The museum is a work-in-progress, and though we are hard at work raising money to install exhibits and open our doors in October, we are hosting “pop-up museums” in the meantime, to bring people and life into the space and to start telling some of Durham’s stories. You can check out our first Pop-Up Museum, which featured collections of old tools from Durham, here, or read about our last student-led pop-up museum here.

We hope to see you at the Hub, 500 W. Main St., on April 18th!

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