Help MoDH Digitize Exhibits

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools and cultural institutions like the Museum of Durham History to temporarily close their doors and has created a spike in demand for alternative learning resources. We want to bring… Read More

Taking a moment for Kenneth Edmonds

We were terribly saddened by the heartbreaking news that Mr. Kenneth Edmonds, publisher of The Carolina Times, had passed on Saturday. A wonderful friend and supporter of the museum, Mr. Edmonds carried on the legacy of his grandfather, Louis Austin, and his mother, Vivian Edmonds, as he served as General Manager… Read More

Covid-19 Pandemic Journal

Keeping a journal, writing notes, and recording your thoughts can be helpful in times like these. Reflecting on your experience throughout the COVID-19 crisis is important and your perspective could some day be a useful record for people studying the history of this pandemic. Help us record the local experience… Read More

Baseball in Japan during the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic

Missing baseball season? We thought we’d share this piece by Adam Berenbak, which connects us to what we’re experiencing today. Mr. Berenbak is the architect behind the exhibit Durham and the Rise of the Baseball Card, a 2016 MoDH-Durham Bulls collaboration which examined Durham’s important role in the launching the baseball… Read More

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