Got an idea? Make an exhibit!

Have you ever thought the MoDH should cover a certain topic in the History Hub? Consider doing the research yourself and curating an exhibit in the “Our Bull City” area at the History Hub! The “Our Bull City” area is available for individuals or groups from the Durham community who are passionate about a piece of Durham history and want to share it with the Durham community. You can see examples of past Our Bull City exhibits here, here and here.

What is involved in curating an exhibit?

Community curators will determine the focus and scope of the exhibit, identify images and in some cases artifacts, write and edit exhibit text, design the layout, create the touchscreen powerpoint slides, install the exhibit, and uninstall it after the exhibit ends.

What does the MoDH provide?

Museum staff will offer guidance to facilitate a successful exhibit, and will promote the exhibit via social and traditional media. The MoDH provides frames of different sizes for use in the exhibit, as well as a small artifact case, and a touchscreen with a template for making a successful touchscreen interactive.

How is the exhibit installed? 

The exhibit layout and installation process is very straightforward – the wall is metallic and all exhibit materials can be hung using the frames, which are magnetic. Text panels and captions mounted to foam core are a great option and can be magnetized by adding a thin strip of adhesive magnet.

What are the costs of curating an exhibit?

Budget responsibilities will be agreed upon in advance. Generally speaking, the MoDH will provide the frames, exhibit space, and support, and the individual or group is responsible for all other costs associated with the exhibit including printing and additional materials. A sample budget is available.

I’d like to learn more.

Great! Reach out to us at info [at] modh [dot] org or call us at 919-246-9993 if you have an idea and would like to get feedback or simply want to learn more about the process.

I’m ready to dive in.

Awesome! If you would like to curate an exhibit, please send a one-page proposal to info [at] mosh [dot] org. Be sure to include an overview of the topic, potential images/artifacts you plan to use, and the exhibits relevance to the Durham community (in other words, why should this exhibit be at the History Hub?) Also include names and contact info for the curators and your first and second choice of months for scheduling the exhibit. (Exhibits are typically up for 1 month.) The MoDH will follow up with feedback on the proposal and, if it is accepted, work to schedule the exhibit.

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