Our most popular exhibit is going on tour

We have shared some exciting developments and news with you over the past few weeks and thought to ourselves, why stop there? So, in the spirit of the season, we would like to bring you another surprise!

We are thrilled to introduce our newest pilot program to you in collaboration with Durham Public Schools: 150 Faces of Durham Traveling School Exhibit.

Sponsored by the Durham Merchants Association Charitable Foundation, our immensely popular Faces of Durham outdoor exhibit at 500 W. Main Street has become a destination for visitors all over the Triangle and has gained recognition by the media, local government, sponsors and our ever supportive community.

Now, thanks to the generous support of The Forest at Duke and the Truist Foundation, the Traveling School Exhibit allows students throughout Durham to share in this immersive experience and get to know some of the most influential figures in our history.

This unique exhibit reflects on the contributions of a diverse group of 150 individuals, some familiar and some lesser known, painting a picture of Durham in the past and leading up to the present. Highlighting a broad range of contributions from Industry and Commerce to Arts and Human Relations, the exhibit maps Durham’s development from a railway stop to a booming tobacco town to the City of Medicine, all the way to today’s revitalized hub of arts and innovation.

150 Faces of Durham will be mounted on modular kiosks and installed in Durham Public School media centers for two-week residencies at select middle schools and high schools throughout the City.  Through interactive group discussions, research and reflection, students will share meaningful conversations around these figures and how they have shaped our history and evolution.

“We value our partnership with the Museum of Durham History, as it has strengthened community-wide accessibility for learning using local historical resources, while their annual summer workshops provide professional development opportunities for our educators.”

-Kelly Stevens, K-12 Curriculum & Instruction, History & Civic Engagement Specialist for Durham Public Schools

This groundbreaking program will be ready for signups soon! We invite you to learn more about this innovative collaboration and keep up-to-date on the newest developments here!

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