New History Grove honors Trinity College/Duke University Professor


The MoDH partners with local organizations to establish “History Groves”: small groves of native plants, a bench, and a plaque to honor those who played significant roles in creating our unique community. Here visitors can pause and reflect, and every site has a durable marker naming the honoree. Check out a list of all of our History Groves and learn more here.

What a way to kick off the new year! On January 13th, we had the pleasure of dedicating a new History Grove at Trinity Park in honor of Dr. William Kenneth Boyd. Dr. Boyd was a history professor at Trinity College/ Duke University who dedicated much of his research efforts to early Durham history. His book, The Story of Durham: City of the New South, is an extraordinary chronicle of our city’s past.

The dedication ceremony was a wonderful tribute to Dr. Boyd and his family, who have resided in the Trinity Park neighborhood for generations. In fact, Cavett French, Boyd’s granddaughter, was in attendance and shared memories of her family and the community. Others in attendance also took the opportunity to share their stories and memories of the neighborhood.

This and other Groves can be found on our History Groves page with maps to be added shortly! Special thanks to the Trinity Park Neighborhood Association, Shelley Dekker, Julia Borbely-Brown, Cavett French, and MANY others for their part in making this grove possible. Thank you to all of our generous donors, especially those who choose to specifically donate to the museum’s History Groves program; these groves provide the community with beautiful spaces to reflect on Durham’s history!

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