Holiday Memories from MoDH Staff and DPS Students

MoDH Director of Education Programs & Exhibits, Michelle Needham asked DPS students and teachers for some of their favorite holiday memories from years past and received some heartwarming stories full of family traditions, humor, and…Star Wars! MoDH staff and volunteers also took some time to reminisce and share some of their most beloved moments, and these are sure to bring back some long-lost childhood memories and a few laughs.

My favorite Christmas memory is more of a tradition that I have passed on to my own children. On Christmas Eve my mother, me, and my three younger brothers would bake all sorts of special cookies. My older brother and my dear father (rest his soul) would spend their time together playing video games in the living room and they enjoyed being our taste testers. My mother still bakes a variety of cookies on Christmas Eve. My favorite is her glazed mincemeat cookies.

-Kenya Blackwell, Assistant Principal, Jordan High School

When we have different ages or generations getting along with each other playing games or just conversing.

-Devon McCray, Junior, Jordan High School, Student Co-Curator for Stranger Times Exhibit

Watching my favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and wearing my Darth Vader Christmas sweater.

-Marcus Needham, Junior, Jordan High School, Student Co-Curator for Stranger Times Exhibit

My fondest MoDH memory from 2023 was of the ST launch event. I loved seeing the interest and involvement of teenagers in puzzling out those 1980s artifacts. Kudos to the Museum staff for this first foray into living history.

-Cindy Gardiner, MoDH Grants and Communications Consultant

I have great memories of last year’s Downtown Tree Lighting ceremony, when The House of Coxx put on an incredible drag show.  It was so joyous and dynamic.  I loved the toddler daughter of the “Drag King” getting up on the stage to dance in her sparkly suit. It just made me so happy and proud to live in Durham with its great diversity and inclusivity.
-Sue Andresen, MoDH Volunteer
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