History Hunt: Centerfest 2015



The History Hunt is a game happening during CenterFest 2015, in collaboration with the Durham Arts Council and the Museum of Durham History (located at the History Hub, 500 W. Main Street).

Clues will be available HERE, at CenterFest information booths, the Museum of Durham History Booth, and the History Hub at 500 W. Main St. starting at 10am on Saturday September 19.

Find the locations of the clues and Tweet or Instagram a selfie with the hashtag #CenterFest

Tweet 4 out of 5 correct answers and you win! Stop by the History Hub during CenterFest hours to pick up your prize.


1.Armed with a Gothic Revival façade, this building was built on part of the site of Durham’s City Market in 1937. Once a military headquarters, the space has hosted dance parties, weddings, and other special events since the 1950s.

2. This red-roofed building got its name from its function as a shrine for two civic organizations—the Elks and the Odd Fellows. It currently houses an organization that helps people take control of their finances. 

3.Built in the 1890s, this is one of downtown Durham’s oldest remaining structures. Formerly home to a shoe shop and a department store, it is now a place to go when you want to have a drink, see a band, or compete for the city’s Tuesday night trivia crown. 

4.Constructed in 1934 on land that once belonged to the Mangum and Rigsbee families, this Neoclassical building is where you’d go to pick up a package or a passport. 

5.Built in 1930 on the southern edge of downtown, this structure speaks to the once-towering presence of tobacco companies in Durham. It is perhaps most noticeable in the winter, when it functions as a holiday decoration for the city. 




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