Happy National Day of Listening!

Today is the National Day of Listening–a day to celebrate and listen to the stories we all have to tell. At a time when people tend to gather to enjoy good company and good food, it’s the perfect time for storytelling.

We took some time a couple of weeks ago to focus on Durham’s stories. Those of you who came to our Durham Day of Listening on December 10th glimpsed Durham’s past through the perspectives of the seven storytellers who spoke that night. Nick shared a hilarious tale that ended with a lesson about connection and place. Lynn shared a story of animosity and unlikely reconciliation. Jim shared a story of football, boxing and bigger ideals. Places like Hillside High, City Hall, Duke University, American Tobacco Company, Burch Avenue, Forest Hills Park, and Lakewood Shopping Center weave in and out of these stories.

We thought we’d share the stories from that night with you today, to celebrate the National Day of Listening, to look back at Durham’s past, and to look ahead to the day when the History Hub has a Story Booth dedicated to gathering and preserving Durham’s memories.

Follow the link below to hear some stories recorded at the Durham Day of Listening. All audio was edited by Julie Thomson. Happy listening!

Listen to stories from the Durham Day of Listening


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