Digital Resource Scavenger Hunt: North Carolina Collection

Digital resources are very important for the Museum of Durham History when it conducts research for exhibits. Over the next few weeks, the Museum will post a scavenger hunt that will guide you through some of the sources we use to help explore Durham’s history.

The Durham County Library North Carolina Collection’s main purpose is to preserve and make available materials related to the history of Durham city and county. The Collection also offers a wealth of materials for people interested in researching North Carolina-related topics. The Museum of Durham History uses the North Carolina Collection to locate historic images of Durham, examine changes to Durham’s landscape through land records, and to use research guides from local historians.

To get started, visit the North Carolina Collection and click “Online Exhibits.” Click on the “Durham Civil Rights Heritage Project” exhibit, then “Civil Rights Time Line” on the left side.

  1. What year did the second sit-in happen in Durham? 1960
  2. What national civil rights event happened in 1968 and what did it cause in Durham? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Arson/ fire in the city with a curfew being implemented.
  3. Based on your answers to questions one and two, use the menu on the left side to locate images of the events. Pick one image and describe it.

Return to the main landing page. Click “Digital Collections,” then “Historic Postcards of Durham.”

  1. How many postcards featuring the Malbourne Hotel are included in this collection?
  2. Where was the postcard titled “Bird’s-eye view of Main Street” sent to?
  3. What did the Wabash Express Steak House look like?


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