Celebrating the little things

Today I walked out of the History Hub and saw two bikes parked at our bike rack. Then I realized that the unruly tree next to it had been trimmed (pro-bono!), making the space under it inviting and usable again. This is probably the reason that I (and the cyclists) even noticed the rack when walking by. I envisioned how the area will look once our Master Gardener volunteers do the landscaping they are planning for this area.

Today the rack was a convenient spot for some cyclists to park their bikes and run some downtown errands, but it is very exciting to see little signs of life around the building and to know that in the future these cyclists could drop in for a while to cool off and make a connection or two with Durham’s past. It’s also wonderful to see volunteers like the Master Gardeners come together around this space. As I mentioned on Facebook the other day, it feels like a hug around the Hub. Thanks for the Hub Hug.

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