Call for Community-Curated Exhibit Submissions

Museum of Durham History- Durham 150 Community Curated Exhibits

General Information:

Throughout the spring and summer of 2019, the Museum of Durham History will feature a series of rotating exhibits curated by our community with the goal of providing a platform to share our city’s diverse stories.

Museum staff will work with community curators to establish the scope of the exhibit, provide oversight on research, and assist with design and installation. Community curated exhibits will run between four and six weeks. The Museum will fabricate finished exhibit panels, but Community curators are encouraged to seek outside funding sources for additional marketing or events.

Exhibit Details:

The community curated exhibits will be located in the Museum’s main gallery. The wall will be pre-painted and prepped by the museum and will feature a banner and touch screen to be used for digital content. When planning the exhibit, community curators should keep in mind:

  • The Museum will provide 16”x20” and 20”x30” black frames for panels. Depending on the frames used, a maximum of eight panels will fit on the wall.
  • Exhibit text should be a maximum of 1200 words, excluding image captions.
  • Images should be high resolution, at least 300dpi, and saved as jpeg or tiff files.
  • Digital content on the touchscreen will use Mac Keynote. Audio and video components should be a maximum of three minutes in length.

Museum Oversight:

The community curator will be responsible for conducting research for the exhibit, as well as finding images and audio/video materials. Museum staff can provide guidance on archival and library research to find resources. The Museum will also provide final review of all text and materials and reserves the right to edit content to maintain suitability for our diverse audience (age, race, gender, etc.) in order to adhere to our mission of inclusivity. 

How to submit your idea:

If you have an idea for an exhibit, please submit a 500 word description of the exhibit topic to by March 15th. Describe any previous research conducted, the names of key people that will be included or should be involved in planning the exhibit, and any resources that may be used in developing the exhibit story (books, interviews, images, archival collections, etc.).

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